Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 6 of 30

Well I made it to day 6! Anna came over and we tried out a new workout but didn't like it so much. We decided to go back to doing Rodney Yee yoga! I didn't get to write very much yesterday but wanted to write about Tracy one of the instructors at Moksha Yoga. I was talking to her after class about how I have to get out of balance postures at times because the muscles on the inside of my feet cramp up. She was nice enough to show me an exercise I could practice to help out my feet. It's kind of like the Awkward pose (the image in my last post) but instead you have your knees placed on the ground and you pretty much sit on the back of your heels. It's not pleasant but it is a good stretch! For today's "pose of the day" I decided to post about one of Anna's favorite pose. She enjoys the Tree Pose (the image in this post). The Tree Pose is a balancing pose that strengthens legs and improves balance. He's a video to see how it's done! Click here to see Rodney Yee doing Tree pose!

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